Application Procedures

Every year at the begining of July, a notification will be placed on the Foundation home page, stating that applications can now be submitted for consideration. Applications are accepted from July to September. Recipients are selected around March of the next year.

The Novartis Research Grant, FY2023

The entries for the grants has been closed.

The Novartis Research Meeting Grants, FY2023

The entries for the grants has been closed.


Please refer to the below FAQ before your application.

Q1:Is this grant same as the one from Novartis Pharma K.K.?
A1:No. We NOVARTIS Foundation Japan for the Promotion of Science is an individual organization from Novartis Pharma.
Q2:Are there any age restrictions?
A2:No, there is no age restriction.
Q3:Is there a defined font to be filled in the form?
A3:No, you can use any fonts.
Q4:What documents do I send to the Novartis Foundation office by postal mail?
A4:There is no original documents to be submitted by postal mail.
Q5:Is there a stipulation in the seal?
A5: In principle, please use official seal. If there is no official seal, please use the personal seal, but please fill in the reason in the margin.
Q6:Is an application form within 6 sheets, including the page illustrated research category table?
A6:No, the page should be exclusive for it.