Call for Donations

The NOVARTIS Foundation (Japan) for the Promotion of Science supports innovative research in the life sciences and related areas, to encourage academic contributions and improve public health and welfare in Japan.
The Foundation finances itself from interest earned from basic asset investments and on donations. Donations from supporters of the work of the foundation are always welcome.
The Foundation was placed under Cabinet Office authorization as a public interest incorporated foundation, in order to more broadly serve the public interest in 2012. Donations to the Foundation will be handled to provide the optimal tax credit to the donor under Japanese tax law, as described below.

Summary of tax credits

Individual:The total amount of annual donations or 40% of total annual income, whichever is lower, minus 2,000 yen, is the amount of total tax credit for income tax filing.

Corporations:The donation can be calculated as a deduction, entered on a separate form, up to the ordinary allowable limit for deductible expenses.

Donations can be accepted at any time. For details, please contact the administrative office of the Foundation.