Grant for Asian Students to Study in Japan

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(Unit: Thousand Yen)

No. FY Title of the Research Project Name(Institution/Position) Amount
09-201 FY2009 Indoor air pollution and its impact on health of children in the developing countries (Michihiro Kamijima:Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences Professor) Khalequzzaman Md. {Bangladesh} 2,000
09-202 FY2009 Malaria parasite apoptosis like cell death by selenium, as a potential malaria drug (Hiroshi Koyama:Gunma University, Graduate School of Medicine Professor) Suradji Eka Widrian {Indonesia} 2,000
09-203 FY2009 Population structure of microorganisms in treated wastewater and its temporal dynamics (Hiroyasu Satoh:Department of Socio cultural Environmental Studies, University of Tokyo Associate Professor) Gunawardana Egodaha Gedara Wasana {Sri Lanka} 2,000
08-201 FY2008 Results of anemia prevention programs in Kazakhstan and lessons learned (Junichi Sakamoto:Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University) Baizhumanova Ainur {Kazakhstan} 2,000
08-202 FY2008 Analysis of the role of intracellular dsDNA as a trigger of autoimmune diseases (Koichi Suzuki:Chief of Laboratory of Immunology, Leprosy Research Center, National Institute of Infectious Disease) Huhehasi Wu {Inner Mongolia, Chin} 2,000
08-203 FY2008 Elucidating the role of PGE2 in UV-induced immunosuppression (Shu Narumiya:Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University) KITIPONG SOONTRAPA {Kingdom of Thailand} 2,000
08-204 FY2008 Effect of net mineralization, nitrification and denitrification rate on N2O emission from soil (Ryusuke Hatano:Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University) Farzana DIBA {Bangladesh} 2,000
08-205 FY2008 Molecular studies on the role of stress protein, mortalin/GRP75/mthsp70 in cellular senescence, cancer and environmental stress management (Renu Wadhwa:Head, Cell Proliferation Research Group, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology) SAXENA Nishant {INDIA} 2,000
07-057 FY2007 Elucidation of the mechanism for peritoneal metastasis of gastric cancer, with particular emphasis on the functional aspects of intraperitoneal free cancer cells (Yasuhiro Kodera:Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University) Abdiev Shavkat {Uzbekistan} 2,000
07-058 FY2007 Metabolism of Nutrients in Ruminants Fed Rice Straw, Supplemented with Urea and Molasses (Hiroaki Sano:Professor, United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University) Alam Mohammad Khairul {Bangladesh} 2,000
07-059 FY2007 Molecular cloning of cellular receptors for intracellular double-stranded DNA that exerts an adjuvant effect (Koichi Suzuki:Chief of Laboratory of Immunology, Leprosy Research Center, National Institute of Infectious Disease) Huhehasi Wu {Inner Mongolia, Chin} 2,000
07-060 FY2007 Optimization of phytoremediation and ethanol production using model in selected aquatic macrophytes (Kazuhiro Mori:Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi) Rabin MALLA {Nepal} 2,000
07-061 FY2007 Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy on Proteins; Relation among Three-Dimensional Structure, Low-Frequency Motion, and Function (Keisuke Tominaga:Professor, Organization of Advanced Science and Technology, Kobe University) Ponseca, Carlito Jr. {Philippines} 2,000